Notre Dame is expected to be anchored in 2020 by a dominant offensive line, but the first time we saw the line it certainly didn’t look like one of the nation’s best. In looked more like the unit that struggled to establish the ground game in 2019.

The Irish offense sputtered through the first 30 minutes of the Duke win, scoring just 10 points in the first half. Notre Dame’s ground game was especially ineffective, with the Irish racking up just 39 yards on 13 designed runs, which went for just 3.0 yards per carry. The Irish failed to get a push up front, there was little room to run and the offensive line gave up two seconds in the early going.

The Irish started to clean things up in the second half against the Blue Devils, and the line was brilliant in the 52-0 victory over South Florida in week two. Over the last six quarters we’ve seen the Irish line start to play like the unit that was expected to be one of best blocking groups in the country.

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