Alabama has four returning starters on the offensive line, and four seniors (Dickerson is a grad student after transferring from Florida State, but in his final year of eligibility).

Leatherwood: 35 games, 28 starts

Brown: 35 games, 13 starts

Owens: 27 games, 4 starts

Dickerson: 13 games, 13 starts (plus five games at Florida State)

Neal: 13 games, 13 starts

Total: 128 games, 71 starts

“We obviously have an abundance of of experience up front, when you start talking about Deonte Brown, Landon Dickerson, Alex Leatherwood, Chris Owens, Evan Neal,” he said. “Those guys have played a lot of football.

“I think one of the things that comes out of it is the communication factor, those guys can communicate really well with one another up front. I think, two, their communication to us as coaches. They’ve seen a lot of football, they know some of the issues the defense is presenting and making the proper adjustments that way.” Offensive Coordinator Steve Sarkisian

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