Gundy was not optimistic about redshirt freshman right guard Cole Birmingham, who limped to the locker room in the second quarter to be X-rayed and never returned. Another offensive lineman was missing the second half as starting right tackle Hunter Anthony got caught in the pile late in the first half and was limping when he went to the locker room at halftime. He did not come back either.

The offensive line the second half was, from left to right, tackle Jake Springfield, guard Josh Sills, center Ry Schneider, guard Hunter Woodard, and tackle Teven Jenkins. They got better as the half wore on. There were no sacks after the 10-minute mark of the third quarter and the running game with a switch to more gap scheme runs improved dramatically in the fourth quarter.

“Well, we’ll find out on him (Birmingham). His was a little more serious,” Gundy said and never being asked about Anthony. “We’ll know about all of them, because they all get put in boots, but his (Birmingham) was more than what the quarterback’s (injury) was.”

“We were just below average based on musical chairs. It’s extremely difficult, you know, you can call it like you want, but when you move people around that much the continuity is difficult,” explained Gundy. “Hopefully, we can get set in what we need, and guys can get quality reps this week and we can have them where we want them based on where we think it gives us the best chance for success. When you have six different people moving multiple spots in a game, you’re not going to have as much continuity and consistency as you want.”

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