Demarcus Smith out of Birmingham, Ala., made it official Friday morning when he committed to the Ole Miss Rebels over Mississippi State, South Carolina, Tennessee and Kansas.

The 6-foot-4, 272-pound strong side defensive end could end up playing multiple positions along the Ole Miss defensive line.

The sales job that the Ole Miss defensive line coach, Deke Adams, was the clincher for the Rebels.

“Coach (Deke) Adams (at Ole Miss) tells me that I’m a perfect fit for their defense. He thinks I’ll make a great pass rusher for their defense. I just think I fit in really good with coach Adams. He’s like an OG. Been around the game a long time and coached up a lot of great football players. You look at the job he did at places like South Carolina, North Carolina and Mississippi State. They all had great defensive lines under him. I think he’s going to really coach me up and help get me to the league.”

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