Corey Linsley doesn’t spare a breath when complimenting the play of the Packers’ offensive linemen around him through the first three games of the 2020 season.

As for Linsley? Well, good luck getting the veteran to say much about himself. For example, when asked to describe his role in Rodgers’ deconstruction on opposing defenses with his hard count, the veteran center releases a quick and humble laugh.

Linsley has twice been voted an alternate for the Pro Bowl but never received the call to Orlando. Through three games, Pro Football Focus has Linsley as its highest-graded center and fifth-highest graded offensive linemen.

Undoubtedly, that makes no difference to the 29-year-old, but those around him know just how important Linsley has been to the Packers’ fast start on offense.

“I snap the ball. I don’t know,” said Linsley, pausing. “It really doesn’t get more complicated than that.”

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