First, the Green Bay Packers quarterback observed the few minutes of chaos in the locker room, as the coaching staff tried to figure out the next offensive line permutation after yet another injury up front. Then, he saw what happened on the field during the second half of Thursday’s 34-17 victory over the San Francisco 49ers in Santa Clara, California, where once again the cobbled-together crew found a way to keep him safe and sound despite shuffling the deck yet another time in the middle of a game.

And while Rodgers thoroughly enjoyed what his guys on the line — Elgton Jenkins at left tackle, Jon Runyan at left guard, Corey Linsley at center, Lucas Patrick at right guard and Billy Turner at right tackle — did on the field, he seemed to have enjoyed the spirited conversation in the locker room that got them there even more, following right tackle Rick Wagner’s first-half knee injury.

“I had a front-row seat,” a somewhat bemused Rodgers said after the game. “We came in there and I heard the whole thing, the whole conversation about what they were going to do. Did Elgton want to play left or right (tackle)? Billy didn’t really have a chance (to give his preference) — I don’t know why they went with the young guy first — but it was, ‘All right, Billy, go to right and Jon you’re coming in and playing left guard.’ Then there was a lot of yelling for Jon — and Jon was actually sitting right over here and they didn’t see that he was hearing the entire conversation. I watched the whole thing.

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