Michael Onwenu, a guard at Michigan, has already shown plenty of versatility and handled himself when when pressed into the starting lineup last week.

Bill Belichick flipped through his mental catalog Wednesday, pulling files on the offensive linemen who blazed the path Patriots rookie Michael Onwenu now walks.

Joe Thuney, Nate Solder and Logan Mankins, Belichick noted, all switched positions upon making the leap from college to New England and thrived, as Ownenu has. The fact Onwenu can surround himself with such company is a credit to his startling success. Yet the 350-pounder is slowly taking steps away from that path.

“Day after day, he’s just impressive. His consistency is impressive,” Belichick said Wednesday. “He’s a very strong player with good feet, good balance and likes football and understands football. Things come pretty easily to him in terms of instinctively on the field. Obviously, our system is not the easiest system to learn at any position, but … he just does a lot of little things well and does them right.”

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