Let’s get this out of the way, Louisville won’t face a defensive line as good as Pittsburgh’s the rest of the year. It might have a better corps than Clemson.

Led by All-ACC defensive end Patrick Jones, who had three sacks in the game, the Panthers tallied seven sacks and 12 tackles for a loss and completely took away the Louisville running game. The Cardinals ran for 116 total yards in the game, which includes sack yardage. Outside of a 75-yard Javian Hawkins touchdown run, there wasn’t much Louisville could do on the ground. And it struggled throwing the ball as well.

Cunningham threw for only 107 yards and completed 9-of-21 passes while constantly trying to evade Pittsburgh defenders in the backfield.

“Their defensive ends were wide and they are both 6-5, 260 and 270. They keep everything inside. Their defensive tackles are strong, but they also bring pressure,” HC Scott Satterfield said. “The thing about it is that you don’t know where the pressure is coming from with their linebackers.”

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