On the defensive line, there’s some projecting, sure. The SEC lost a ton of defensive line talent to the NFL. That’s no secret. Auburn alone lost 2 generational talents up front.

But for the most part, I base these rankings on who I’d most want to have on my team if they had to play a game tomorrow. That might not always catch all of the breakout candidates. I admit that.

I also don’t list grad transfers like Jabril Cox because if we’re going to say someone is an elite SEC player, I’d rather make that judgment based on what I’ve seen them do against SEC competition. Fair enough?

22. Kobie Whiteside, Mizzou DL
21. Zachary Carter, Florida DL
20. Bobby Brown, Texas A&M DL
19. Big Kat Bryant, Auburn DE
16. Malik Herring, Georgia DL
12. Christian Barmore, Alabama DT
11. Jordan Davis, Georgia DL

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