Head Coach Will Muschamp On run blocking by the offensive line and the scheme used …

“I think we’ve improved tremendously athletically up front in girth and power. Sadarius Hutcherson is having a great senior year, he’s playing extremely well. Jovaughn Gwyn is playing great at the guard position. Eric Douglas is very intelligent, gets us in the right calls and doing a very good job of ID’ing the fronts and the different things. Dylan Wonnum is back at his most comfortable position. Jazston is coming on and played really well against Auburn. Jakai Moore has done some really good things for us. Jordan Rhodes. I think we have more depth than we’ve had before, we’re more athletic, more powerful than we’ve been.

“We are using zone schemes at times. Mike and Coach Wolford really like what we call a “Duo Play,” which is creating against a four-down front, two double teams on the three-technique or the A-gap player. We’ve gotten a lot of mileage with that play. We still – and Coach Wolford has always liked it and Mike has really gotten to like it – like the down-and-around schemes that we run. When you look at some of the power gap schemes we run, we co-mingle those as far as the double teams are concerned up front on the Duo play. Some of the down-and-around schemes have been very good for us since we’ve been here. Eric does a really good job of teaching those things, handling run throughs and different things from our linebackers and such.

“What Mike has done a good job of is he has a play action off of every single run game. From a run game standpoint, it’s very difficult – when you’re in a zone coverage and you have your eyes on the (running) back and you see the run, see the linemen pull, and now we’re working a play action. We’re very well-tied together offensively, the best I’ve been around, to be honest with you.”

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