Tennessee has struggled through the 2020 season to generate pressure on the quarterback. The addition of exceptional JUCO edge rusher Byron Young should immediately improve that situation.

Young should provide an immediate presence on the edge for the Vols. Young arrives at 6’3” and 250 pounds leaving the JUCO ranks. His size and strength mean that he should be physically prepared to make an immediate impact on the edge for Tennessee. Young has three years of eligibility remaining, and the imposing size he brings paired with several years of eligibility mean he has time to make an impact and to grow in the Tennessee defense.

On film, Young plays angry. Not dirty or sloppy, but angry. There is an attitude and edge to the way he plays the game. He explodes into blockers and delivers heavy blows to running backs. Everything that Young does, he does with bad intentions. As skilled and physically blessed as Young is, the fact that he plays hateful looking to punish players on offense is what shows up the most on film. He doesn’t just beat blockers, he drives them back and puts them on their back. He doesn’t just tackle running backs, he arrives with a little something extra, he ends wrap-up tackles with a snap that slams ball carriers to the ground. Again, the tackles and hits are clean and disciplined with good technique, they are just given that little bit extra to punish ball carriers and make them think twice. It is the kind of hard nosed and aggressive attitude that defensive coaches love to see in their linebackers, especially one as physically imposing as Young is.

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