Nick Martin has played Center over 1,000 snaps in each of the past two seasons for the Houston Texans offense, including last season where he played in 96 percent of the offensive snaps in 16 starts. One plus for Martin coming off last season is he had only one holding penalty, and one false start in all of 2019. Martin allowed two sacks in ’19 which has been the norm for the center in his three seasons, which was the sacks allowed total in ’17 and ’18 as well.

When it comes to Houston Texans center Nick Martin there have been times where he is being watched under a microscope because his first three seasons haven’t been perfect. In 2017 Pro Football Focus graded the Texans center at 64.8, followed with a 2018 grade of 65.4, and this past season Martin’s grade was 65.5. When looking at grades by PFF Martin has never really taken the next step in his overall game, but his play is respectable.

Martin and the Houston Texans offensive line have a great opportunity to take the next step in their progression, because the entire starting lineup returns this season, which hasn’t happened before in Martin’s tenure with the team.

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