Texas brought on four new defensive coaches following the conclusion of the 2019 season, including Ash and co-defensive coordinator Coleman Hutzler. Without the spring to install the new system, senior defensive lineman Ta’Quon Graham acknowledged that they may not feel like they’re on track, but he still thinks they’ll be fine.

Ash’s defense typically employs a four-man front as opposed to the three-man defensive line generally used by former defensive coordinator Todd Orlando. While he never found success in the previous 3.5 years as head coach at Rutgers, Ash’s defense while at Ohio State in 2015 was one of the country’s best.

“Honestly, playing in this new scheme is something that we all really were excited for, going to the four-man front” Defensive Lineman Ta’Quon Graham said. “We get to play on more edges and I feel like we get to play more freely.”

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