The Nebraska offensive line has filled out since Coach Greg Austin’s arrival in Lincoln in 2018. There is an older wave of 9 offensive lineman entering at least their third season, with a younger wave of eight guys who are either redshirt or true freshman. Offensive line is led by Brendan Jaimes and Matt Farniok.

“One of the things I tell the guys now is that you have to make every single rep count,” Austin said Tuesday night on the Husker Sports Network. “You have to. We have a reduced amount of reps. Spring camp was taken away from us. Fall camp has been reduced. We’re not going to get all the opportunities to hash out what our depth chart is really going to look like.

“We kind of know what some of the guys can do — some of the guys who are seasoned, some of the guys who have a lot of experience — but some of those guys who are competing, it’s a play-by-play basis. If you screw up on a snap count, if you screw up on an assignment, certainly those things are going to be looked at with a little more emphasis now.”

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