The Titans who have to help fill the hole left by Casey’s absence insist they’re more than ready for the challenge.

DaQuan Jones now is the veteran on not only the line but the defense going into his seventh season.

“A lot of people say we have a bunch of no names, but me personally, I feel like it’s a lot of guys in our room,” Jeffery Simmons said. “I think a lot of guys have a chip on their shoulder to show that no matter what, no matter if we lost Jurrell or not, I feel like we have guys in that room that can stand up and stop the run and rush the passer.”

“Going forward we got the right guys in the room, and I really think we can be a better impact this year versus the past,” Jones said. “I don’t really want to talk about last year, but this year I feel like we have the right guys in the room. We can get the job done.”

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