Coaching the offensive line has become one of the most lucrative jobs in the sport.

This year, for the first time, USA TODAY Sports reviewed assistant coaches’ pay by position and title as part of its annual analysis of coaches’ compensation. The findings show that offensive line coaches at the 51 public schools in the Power Five are making more money, on average, than coaches at any other position. And it’s not particularly close.

According to USA TODAY Sports’ positional analysis, the average scheduled pay for Power Five offensive line coaches this year is $500,871. That’s about $75,000 more than the average figure for quarterbacks coaches, who rank second, and $82,000 more than defensive line coaches, who rank third.

“I’m surprised that it’s changed, (but) I think it’s justified,” Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez said last week. “I just think it’s one position that you can’t take for granted. And it shows how head coaches have valued the position group, and the person coaching them.”

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