UVA’s offensive line got off to a rocky start in 2019 before gelling as the year went on. Once considered a liability, Virginia’s offensive line, which returns all five starters and has 116 games of starting experience under its belt, is considered one of the strong units on the team.

HC Bronco Mendenhall said on Friday that it’s been fun having such an experienced offensive line.

“Man, has it been fun to have a healthy offensive line and have healthy offensive line numbers and be able to practice the run game at a higher level than we ever have and not worried about injury or so concerned if that one player gets hurt,” said Mendenhall. “Wow, how will we function? I mean, it’s, I think, for the first time our quarterback position and our offensive line position, I’m talking in terms of depth now, not just ability, are allowing us to practice and move forward in the run game and in a way that we haven’t been able to to this point.”

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