When Virginia Tech made its biggest stop of the game, forcing a three-and-out with under five minutes remaining in a three-point game, it was co-defensive line coach Darryl Tapp that caught the attention of the camera crew for the way he hyped up his squad. It’s this renewed energy and passion from Teerlinck and Tapp, the TnT connection, that has the Hokies’ defensive line feasting on opponents.

It was screeching lungs of defensive line coach Bill Teerlinck that could be heard on the broadcast as he implored his upstart group up front.

“You hear him screaming all the way from the other hash,” defensive end Justus Reed said.

“You watch the TV copy of the game and all you hear is Teerlinck just screaming at the top of his lungs,” defensive tackle Jarrod Hewitt added with a laugh. “He couldn’t speak on the bus. He couldn’t speak Sunday. His voice was gone.”

“It’s incredible,” Hewitt said. “[Teerlinck] is full of juice. Him and Tapp, they’re a couple pitbulls all day long, just going, going, going. Attack, attack, attack. It’s funny… it’s incredible to have those guys there. The knowledge they bring and the amount of passion for the game makes us all better.”

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