On typical teams, the offensive line doesn’t get a ton of attention and that’s the way they like it. Often, if an offensive line is getting noticed, it isn’t because they’re playing well. However, that hasn’t been the case for the Hokies this season outside of the Wake Forest game, as ‘The Vice Squad’ continues to garner attention for their mauling play through six games.

The line led the way for over 300 rushing yards in three of the first four games this season. Tech currently leads the ACC and is fourth in the nation with over 290 yards per game on the ground.

Throughout the fall, it’s been clear that the group has taken on the personality of its leader at center. Hoffman’s nastiness may have been what the group was missing in previous seasons.

Saturday’s game was personal for Brock Hoffman when the Hokies traveled to Louisville for a Halloween clash with the Cardinals. After the Hokies pulled out the 42-35 win, Hoffman went to Twitter to let everyone know that the Scott Satterfield’s coaching staff, which moved from Appalachian State to Louisville last season, told him that he wasn’t good enough to play for the Mountaineers.

“I felt like I got passed up a lot during high school. I didn’t have any Power Five offers or anything like that. I just used that and what they told me as motivation and everybody passing up on me as motivation,” Hoffman said. “I don’t sit here and think about it every day, but that game came up on the schedule and I knew who that staff was, it definitely stood out to me. I definitely used what was told to me back in high school as motivation throughout the week.”

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