Jeremy Pruitt believes that the Tennessee Football defensive line needs to be tougher. Are they suffering from a lack of talent or Pruitt’s high expectations?

Pruitt worries about the pass rush upfront. The Vols lost Darrell Taylor to graduation, so finding someone to replace him as a pass rusher might be difficult. That might be what Pruitt is worried about with the pass rush.

The Vols are deep up front; it’s just a matter of one or two players stepping up and taking the bull by the horns and being the leader on the defensive line.

“When it comes to rushing the quarterback, we’ve really got to improve there,” Pruitt said on Tuesday. “It’s something that we felt like in the offseason that – from getting the quarterback off his spot, improving our pass rush up the middle and finding guys that once they get on the edge can capture an edge and finish. In college football, the ball comes out really fast, so lots of times you can affect the quarterback more so up the middle than you can on the edge and we’ve really got to improve there.”

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