In less than three weeks Washington will play its first game, and all signs point to third-year pro Geron Christian starting at left tackle when that time comes.

He missed nearly his whole rookie season with a knee injury, and last year despite being healthy barely got on the field. The talk behind the scenes in Ashburn was Christian needed to add upper body strength and bulk to his 6-foot-6 frame.

“The biggest thing with Geron more so than anything else is that he’s an athletic football player. He moves very well,” HC Ron Rivera said last week. “He’s a smart, young man who’s picked things up very nicely. He just hasn’t had a chance to play a lot of football, so we’re really interested in watching him, especially if he’s going to play and participate and do some of the things he’s done. He’s done some really good things. He’s caught our eye. He’s caught our attention.”

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